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Youth Ministry
Youth Drama Team
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Welcome to Christ Central Church! We have so many great chances for youth to worship our God in fun, hands-on learning environments with many multi-media activities.

Growing up in todayís world is such a different experience for our Youth, which is why we offer so many chances to explore Godís call in their life through service, missions, drama, music, and devotion. Sixth through twelfth graders meet twice weekly and they even have an opportunity to lead devotions for their peers. A big focus in our program is to give youth a chance to serve those in need through missions and service work in our church, community and out-of-state. They will have many ways to express their talents and skills while serving our Lord!

As you can see, there are many ways to become involved in our Youth Programs. So come check us out and see what our Awesome God is doing in the lives of our Youth!