Fall Festival

Fall Festival – October 12 – HELP!!!

We need your help with Fall Activities….
Fall Festival October 12

Fall Festival is going to focus on being family oriented again this
year. If we want to engage the entire family, we are going to
have to go about things a little differently. We are extending our
time from last year due to the huge success of the event, which
means we will offer more booths and attractions.

Since our community does not have a big event like a Fall
Festival, Heritage Day, etc. (to my knowledge), our Fall Festival
will be just that. For example, we would recruit individuals,
families, ministries and Sunday school classes to volunteer to do
a booth.

For example, we could do a booth with several different types of
chili, or candy apples, or Mexican corn. You could showcase your
booth to your ministry or just have a booth to engage families.
There are also several homemade carnival booths, that would be
great for the entire family to do. I have several you can choose

We would have people solely designated to fellowship and
connect with our families that attend. This would be an amazing
time of fellowship for our church as well as a way of connecting
and sharing the love of Christ with our Rainbow City community.
Mark your calendars and start planning your booth for Fall
Festival, October 12, 11am – 4pm. See Laura for more details!