Christmas Tours


As you begin to make plans and consider what this Christmas season looks like for you and your family I’d like for you to consider an opportunity to get to the heart of why we celebrate. At Christmas God became present with us in a way that had never been done before. We want to bring and remind some people in our community about that very presence we celebrate at Christmas.

Last year we took our youth and children with a handful of adults over to Cherry Creek Village Assisted Living around Christmas time to help make Christ presence real to the residents there. It was beautiful! We sang together, painted fingernails (the ladies loved it!), prayed together, and shared in communion. It was an incredible time for everyone to be reminded of what Christmas is all about: Immanuel, God with us.

Last year provided the foundation for this year. Think about all of the things during this season that are important to you, magical to you, reminders of Christ presence with you. Many of those things are things that residents in assisted living facilities do not get to experience like they used to. But we can help! This year we are going to two different facilities: Oak Landing and Cherry Creek Village. We will be bringing many of the elements the residents may miss out on at Christmas time to them on those two nights. There will be an improv. Charlie Brown Christmas skit done by the children, crafts to hand out, conversation to be had, sugar free Christmas treats, carols sung, communion shared, all capping off with a candlelight singing and closing. When offered this opportunity over the phone, one of the assisted living activities directors began to cry. Why? I think she gets it. I think she understands that what people desire above anything else is presence, Christ’s presence. I’ll say it again, we can help!

There are so many ways that everyone can plug in, and we hope you will! Next week we will have sign-up sheets out for the various areas to volunteer within the two nights. With that, we all know that pulling something like this off takes planning and practice. That’s why on December 4th at 6 p.m. we will gather here at the church to get all plans finalized and run through everything we will be doing at both facilities. The more people there the better!

I’ll let you go with this. Participating in this last year filled a place in my heart that no amount of gifts, songs, and Christmas movies could fill. To see the joy on the faces of everyone, not just the residents, did my heart more good than I can express. I believe participating in something like this took me back to the foundation of what all of this Christmas celebration is about, and for that I am thankful. I tend to shy away from guaranteeing much, but I’ll stick my neck out there on this one: if you’ll come and open yourself up to sharing the presence of Christ with some folks this Christmas I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, I guarantee you a joy like nothing else that only comes with making much of our Jesus born to us!

If you have questions, dreams, ideas come and talk to me or anyone else on staff!

Christmas Tour (Dec. 4, 11, 18)


God is with us,

Kevin Asbury