Goodie Bag

Parents/Guardians of Little Ones

Look what we have put together for your kiddos for this Sundays service. This bag includes a packet that goes along with this Sundays sermon to offer engagement and interaction after the service. It even includes an activity to follow up with at home together! All items inside the bag have been carefully sanitized for your child’s protection. The children may keep the contents of the zip-lock baggie. We ask that you return the tote bag and its contents after the service concludes in the return bins that will be located on the sidewalk.

If you look, you will see a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum. When I was younger, there was this man who every Sunday would give us this same pack and flavor of gum. Let me repeat Every Sunday. It was not the gum that was worth remembering, but the fact that this man took the time to acknowledge and have a conversation with us every Sunday. It reminds me of the love that Jesus showed in the Bible for the little ones.

May you shine the light of Christ in all you do in every way and in everyday for the sake of others! See you Sunday!