Food Pantry News

Food Pantry Growth



In March of this year we changed our format to better serve the needy in our community.  We now have 6 people trained by the Community Food Bank of Alabama to be able to order and operate our Food Pantry Distributions. The truck delivery is still set for the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 9 am. Our distribution has been moved to 6 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  This allows more people to be involved in our ministry.

In June we were awarded a $5,000 grant that covered all the costs for June and July with a balance as well.  In August and September, we have been awarded credits toward food costs.  In order to claim the credits, we were required to order a certain number of pounds of food which was quite a bit more than we would normally order. The food also had to be distributed by the end of each month.  This has allowed us not only to save the church any financial cost but also to partner with Living Truth Church in East Gadsden with the blessing and guidance of the Community Food Bank in Birmingham. We are required to store the food at our location and oversee all distributions.  The volunteers from Living Truth come and help with unloading the truck as well as with the distribution at their church.  We have expanded the food distribution at our church from 160 to 200 families while we are receiving these credits.

We have also been participating in the Produce Drop Distribution that the Community Food Bank oversees. We have had 3 distributions so far and plan on participating in ones at the end of September and October.  We have served around 360 families during each these distributions.  The “drops” in September and October should include meat and dairy products as well as produce.

God has richly blessed us with this ministry especially during these days of the pandemic.  We are very thankful to be able to serve people in our community and help alleviate some of their food insecurities.  We will keep you updated on our ministry and invite anyone to join us as are the hands of feet of Jesus in our community!