Face Masks

Face Mask Update

To:       Members of Christ Central Church

From:   Billy L. York, Interim Pastor

Date:   April 7, 2021

Re:       Mask Wearing

Governor Ivey is no longer mandating the use of masks after April 9, 2021. She is leaving the decision to local businesses, organizations & individuals. However, in an earlier announcement, the Governor indicated she would wear a mask when she was with people.

Our Bishop and the Conference Leadership Team recommends the continued use of the mask. Their decision is based on two of John Wesley’s general rules for Methodist.

        1. Do no harm; 2. Do all the good you can.

I have discussed this issue with the SPRC and they agree with me that we need to ask all of you to continue to wear a mask when we gather for any church events. So, I am asking you to continue to wear a mask.

In doing this we are following the Biblical Message to: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Thank you for your support in the past and for each other’s care in the future.

God bless and stay safe.